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Metal Vets Trauma Working on New Album, Eye Fall Euro Tour with Ross the Boss

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Late 2020 will prove to be a busy time for first wave thrash metallists Trauma, as they will release their fourth full-length release overall, as well as touring throughout Europe on a bill also featuring Ross the Boss and Burning Witches. Comprised of members Donny Hillier - lead vocals, Kris Gustofson - drums, Greg Christian - bass guitar, Joe Fraulob - guitars and Steve Robello - guitars, Trauma looks to build on the buzz created by their last album, 2018’s ‘As the World Dies.’ 

“Trauma is currently considering what the album should be called,” explains Kris. “Usually for us we have to think about a theme/scope of the recorded songs and what it represents for the time now. Hopefully we will have something soon that makes sense for the recorded collection of tracks, It seems that the new record title, may be a little similar in its title as to our last album, ‘As the World Dies’.” 

And the group can’t wait to kick off their first substantial European tour. “Trauma is very much looking forward to touring with Ross the Boss and Burning Witches in the fall. Honestly, we cannot wait to hit the stage. The only other time Trauma played in Europe was at the Headbangers Open Air Festival. The fans seemed to really like our performance that day. We played for 90 minutes! The stage manager had to let us know that we needed to stop, but the crowd wanted to keep listening to us which was great. We are looking very forward to getting back over to Europe. We had other opportunities in the past to do so, however the timing just wasn't right. We are hopeful that it will be on in November 2020. So far so good.”

Originally formed in 1981 in San Francisco, Trauma was part of the same scene that gave the world such thrash notables as Exodus, Metallica, and Testament. And the band’s original bassist was none other than the late/legendary Cliff Burton (who would later join Metallica). 1984 saw the release of the group’s debut album, ‘Scratch and Scream,’ before the band parted in 1985. But in 2013, Trauma reunited, and have been back in business ever since. 

“Trauma's future plans are to finish recording the new album, then have it released and do as much touring behind it as possible. We are always playing around with new ideas for songs, and own a studio to record in. As long as there is interest in the band we will keep putting out new music and perform live. It is really up to the fans, which we thank very much for keeping this alive for us. Without them this would not be possible. The new album is going to be much heavier in terms of songs, tempo, changes, etc. ‘As the World Dies’ was a good album. But here we are in 2020, so we are trying to up our game and play with more fire utilizing faster guitar riffs and drums. We believe this will be a great  album for Trauma.”

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