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Trauma Announces New Singer Brian Allen; Work on New Album Underway

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Metal vets, Trauma, have announced that the band has welcomed a new singer, Brian Allen, into their lineup, and are currently at work on a new album.

“We welcome Brian Allen to the Trauma camp,” says the band in a statement. “We are very happy to have Brian as our new vocalist and look forward to recording and playing on stages around the globe soon. He came highly recommended by our producer Juan Urteaga after the unfortunate passing of Trauma's original vocalist Donny Hillier. We cannot wait to hit the stage.

“Trauma’s new album was being written during the pandemic of 2020. We decided to include songs that had faster heavier riffs, blast beats, perhaps just a more modern approach. September 2020, vocalist Donny Hillier passed away. We were shocked by this tragedy, Don, wanted the band to go on. We almost didn't. However through management and friends, we decided to move forward and even come up with heavier sounding material. Also the addition of vocalist Brian Allen has added a different dimension within the band that we are very excited about. We have many things in the works and are looking forward once again to the future, keeping the torch lit!!! We are hopeful the fans will like what will be available to them soon. Along with some live dates.”

And Brian himself had the following to add. “I am very honored and excited for this new journey as the vocalist for the legendary Bay Area metal band Trauma! I am surrounded by a great group of guys and seasoned veterans. We can’t wait to share the exciting things we have in the works with you all! Special thanks to the Trauma camp and organization for this new endeavor.”

Originally formed in 1981 in San Francisco, Trauma was part of the same scene that gave the world such thrash notables as Exodus, Metallica, and Testament. And the band’s original bassist was none other than the late/legendary Cliff Burton (who would later join Metallica). 1984 saw the release of the group’s debut album, Scratch And Scream, before the band parted in 1985. But in 2013, Trauma reunited, and have been back in business ever since.

And according to the band, fans will not be disappointed with what they will hear from their new music. “Trauma's new album along with new vocalist Brian Allen is going to melt your face off!!”

For more information visit Trauma at:

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