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Trauma Announces Casey Trask As Touring Guitarist

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

By Lance Ziegler - OPK Solutions

As Trauma readies to embark on a 31 show US tour in support of their 2022 album Awakening, opening for Queensrÿche, the band has enlisted the talents of guitarist Casey Trask (THE THREE TREMORS/CAGE/MONARCH) to fill in for Joe Fraulob (DANZIG/DECONSTRUCT), who is unable to be a part of the tour due to personal reasons.

Casey Trask playing a white Flying V on stage.
Casey Trask

‘Once it was clear Joe wasn’t able to do the entire run of shows with us, the guys in TRAUMA threw out some names as possible candidates to quickly learn the setlist and was close enough to Northern California to rehearse, and Casey quickly stood out as the best fit; talent and personality wise’, states the band.

Casey joins bassist Michael Spencer (FLOTSAM AND JETSAM/SENTINEL BEAST) in filling out TRAUMA’s touring line-up along with vocalist Brian Allen (VICIOUS RUMORS/DARK SKY CHOIR), guitarist Steve Robello (DUBLIN DEATH PATROL), and long time TRAUMA drummer Kris Gustofson.

"We’re looking forward to playing a few songs off ‘The Awakening’ for the US metal fans across the country and getting in front of crowds again and a chance to talk to everyone at the merch booth after our set. How can a band not be excited to have the opportunity to bring TRAUMA’s brand of metal, to the fans of both Queensrÿche and Marty Freidman? This tour is going to be a blast!," says Brian Allen.

Casey Trask brings with him an incredible combination of talent and passion that is sure to add tremendous musical value to Trauma's 31 show tour opening up for Queensrÿche in support 0f their Digital Noise Alliance Tour 2023

Who is Casey Trask?

Casey Trask, born in 1991, is a guitarist from San Diego, California. Growing up on the most classic of thrash metal and rock n’ roll, Casey has been in bands since he was 14. The first notable band was the local thrash outfit MONARCH, playing local gigs around San Diego and eventually in 2019 winning the Wacken Metal Battle USA competition which earned them a spot at Wacken Open Air 2019. 

Past Bands and Touring

Casey Trask then went on to join for a short time the band DEATHRIDERS in 2012, featuring Neil Turbin (ex-Anthrax vocalist), then later joining the power metal band CAGE in 2014, releasing the album ANCIENT EVIL in 2015 and touring multiple times a year in the US and Europe. This would also make way for the forming of THE THREE TREMORS featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest vocalist) and Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer vocalist) with Casey and the band CAGE as the backing band and songwriters, releasing two full-length original albums and multiple tours in the US and Europe. 

Casey has also toured with the Texas Neo-classical metal act HELSTAR, as well as TIM “RIPPER” OWENS solo band, along with working on new songs with the late STEVE GRIMMETT of Grim Reaper who sadly passed in 2022.

Casey is still active in the bands MONARCH, CAGE, and THE THREE TREMORS as well as multiple cover/tribute acts around Southern California (KISSED ALIVE, tribute to KISS, and MUERTE, tribute to Death). He has also been a student under MEGADETH guitarist Kiko Loureiro’s mentorship program for 6 months in 2022.

Who is Trauma Heavy Metal?

TRAUMA is highly revered by those in the know as an important evolutionary entity in the intersection of traditional heavy metal, the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, and the more melodically minded classic rock influenced bands on the Sunset Strip. This is one of the first thrash metal bands – responsible for the much sought after classic ‘80s album, ‘Scratch and Scream’ in 1984 (reissued in 2013) featuring killer cuts like “The Day All Hell Broke Loose” and “Lay Low.”

Three decades passed before the reconfigured band reemerged in support of a re-mastered edition of their debut and delivered ‘Rapture and Wrath’ in 2015, ‘As the World Dies’ in 2018, and ‘Awakening’ in 2022. Soaring melodies and fierce riffs collide in songs that are equal parts sharp, fierce, grandiose, and theatrical. Since their formation, they’ve assembled the strongest elements of seemingly disparate strains of metal, with passion and proficiency.

More Info

For more information on Trauma and their upcoming tour with Queensrÿche, and to find ticket to a show near you, go to

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