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Trauma Issue Official Video for First Single From New Album

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Source: Massacre Records

Are you ready for TRAUMA's new single?

"Walk Away" has been released today, and it is accompanied by an official video that's available for your viewing pleasure on

TRAUMA about the song:

"There are a lot of different elements to this song, musically with dynamics and tempo changes, lots of harmony guitars and blistering drums. It's a long song that has so many interesting parts - it never gets boring or repetitive. Lyrically this song explores the never-ending conflict in the Middle East."

"Walk Away" is featured on TRAUMA's upcoming album "Awakening", which promises to be a lot heavier than its predecessors, and will be a feast for every metal fan!

The fourth studio album "Awakening" by Trauma.

1. Walk Away

2. Ted Talks

3. Death Of The Angel

4. Meat

5. The River Red

6. Burn

7. Falling Down

8. Voodoo

9. End Of Everything

10. Blind

11. Death Machine

"Awakening" will be released on 09/09/2022 via Massacre Records, and will available as CD Digipak, limited edition vinyl LP as well as in digital formats, you can already pre-order it here »

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